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Radio Frequency and Network Design

We offer comprehensive Radio Frequency (RF) system support during the design and construction phases of your cellular and digital PCS (GSM and CDMA), Public Safety (VHF, UHF) networks, as well as broadband wireless (LTE & WiMax) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We develop/predict coverage objectives, obtain census information, prepare zoning review documents, conduct airspace analysis, and prepare FAA notifications. We also perform theoretical calculations and field measurements of Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) levels, as well as Inter-Modulation studies.

As part of our RF design services, we also provide spectrum licensing, frequency planning and coordination for our clients. Your network’s effectiveness depends on optimum frequency planning and coordination. We can help you minimize or eliminate intra- and inter-system interference. Our state of the art software allows us to coordinate frequency utilization with neighboring markets and to verify that frequency usage complies with FCC regulations and good engineering practices. With our help, your network will operate effectively and efficiently for many years.

Key Benefits
Optimum Coverage
Quick Network Deployment
Cost Effective


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