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FCC Licensing

FCC has mandated the narrow banding of VHF frequencies by January 1, 2013. Currently VHF channels (frequencies) are separated by 25 kHz. After narrow banding, VHF channels will be 12.5 kHz wide. This will require frequency license holders to apply for the narrow banding of their licensed frequencies and acquire narrow banded capable radio equipment by the transition date of January 1, 2013. After January 1, 2013, the use of obsolete equipment and communications over wide band frequencies will no longer be possible. AdGen Telecom can assist in VHF or UHF frequency acquisition, narrow banding existing/licensed channels, preparation of FCC form 601 and program manage the entire transition.

FCC microwave licensing includes frequency coordination procedures and the preparation and submission of the FCC application Form 601. AdGen Telecom can complete the frequency coordination procedures and documentation, as well as the completion of the engineering portions of the application.

FCC Notification is required prior to the 5th and 10th year anniversaries of the PCS license issuance date. The FCC requires each PCS licensee to prepare and file a notification that the PCS licensee's network has reached its minimum required coverage benchmarks. AdGen Telecom can prepare the technical portions of the FCC notifications along with all the supporting documents and maps.

FCC Tower Registration requires the preparation and filing of an FCC Form 854. This submission ensures that the FCC tower registration can be completed in a timely manner.


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