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Business Consulting
A key-differentiating factor of our service portfolio is the ability to accompany new entrants beyond launch of service into the initial operations phase. Our business consulting services enables the operator to concentrate on its particular area of expertise while we implement and start network operations in a structured and optimized manner. Using operating models and integrated tools enables us to generate real value for our clients by defining optimum business processes or transforming any existing work flow processes.

Our business consulting services includes:

  • Individual interim management positions, e.g. CEO, CTO, COO and CRO

  • Operations Consulting - consulting services in defining and optimizing operational

  • processes and procedures

  • Operation Supervision

  • Day-to-day operational support

  • Turnkey operations support

In all cases we address the major operational areas of a telecommunications provider:

  1. Network Planning (Core, radio, transmission)
  2. Network Implementation
  3. Network Design & Optimization
  4. Network Operations and Maintenance
  5. System Integration
  6. Service Development
  7. Marketing and Sales
  8. Revenue Assurance
  9. Fraud Management
  10. Billing

Our understanding of the current fragmentation of many traditional telecommunications value chains also enables us to optimize an operatorís intended value chain positioning - providing benefits not only in operational processes but in general organizational performance improvement.




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